Hospital admissions…what to expect

Sometimes, children and young people need to go to hospital for the day, or longer, for monitoring, tests or a procedure such as an operation. The information below should help you get ready and have an idea of what to expect.

Types of hospital admission

Day surgery means that it is not expected that your child will need to stay overnight in the hospital after their surgery.

This means that your child will be admitted to the hospital on the day their surgery is scheduled to take place. The surgery may take place in the morning or in the afternoon. You will have been provided instructions about how to prepare such as fasting. Your child will be admitted to the ward after their surgery is complete. The information below may still be useful to help you prepare.

This type of stay is for a few days or longer. Your child may be admitted for testing or observation, due to illness or injury, or for a surgery or procedure that will require a longer hospital stay or recovery.

Important tip – Following hospital instructions

Make sure you read any information the hospital has provided about your child’s hospital admission such as:

Your child may need to avoid food and/or drinks for a certain amount of time before their procedure. If this is not done their procedure may be delayed or cancelled until they have fasted properly.

Calling to confirm admission
You might be told to call the number provided to confirm there is a bed available.

When you arrive…

The admitting process differs at every hospital but the following are some things you can expect to happen when your child has a planned hospital admission.