CONTACT DETAILS || Office- 01 2834963 | Helpline- 01 2107906

Bodywhys – The Eating Disorders Association of Ireland, is the national voluntary organisation supporting people affected by eating disorders and their families.


Bodywhys provides a range of non-judgemental listening, information and support services, as well as school talks, training, literature, podcasts and webinars. Other aspects of our work include developing professional resources and collaborating with social media companies to respond to harmful online content and working with the mainstream media to create awareness about eating disorders. Bodywhys develops evidence-based programmes to promote positive body image and social media literacy in children and adolescents and provide relevant supports and guidance for parents and education professionals. Bodywhys is the support partner to the HSE’s National Clinical Programme for Eating Disorders (NCP-ED), which delivers specialist public services in Ireland.

Bodywhys Helpline – The helpline is delivered by a team of trained volunteers. It offers a non-judgemental and confidential support and information service. Many people with an eating disorder call the helpline, as well as family and friends who are worried. The helpline is open to anyone.

Bodywhys Email Support – “Like a helpline call, in an email”. Many people at different stages of an eating disorder use the email support service, as well as family and friends who are worried. The email support service is open to anyone.

Family Support Package – Bodywhys has established a family support package which provides ongoing support, psychoeducation, and skills training to those caring for someone with an eating disorder. This includes the evidence-based PiLaR programme, Post-PiLaR Support Group and New Maudsley Carer Skills.

Bodywhys also provides a dedicated body image website which provides information about questions and concerns in relation to body image :


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