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The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is a way for people with a disability or illness that might not always be obvious to others, to share that you have a hidden disability and may need extra support, understanding or more time.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is a globally recognised symbol designed to be worn by people who may need extra support, understanding or a little extra time. It is easily recognisable and a simple and effective way to alert others that a person has a non-visible disability or might have or be recovering from an illness or medical procedure.

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyards are available free of charge from many organisations across Ireland and Northern Ireland. To check for the nearest distributor, please visit the proximity map on the home page of the website and enter an Eircode or nearest Town. Alternatively different types of Sunflower wearables (including lanyards, wristbands and pin badges, or personalised Sunflower cards) are available for purchase. Click here to visit the online store. If you wish to personalise a Sunflower card, it can include a photograph, emergency contact details, disability or condition and the support that may be needed.


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