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Jacinta’s smile provides a range of supports for children and young people who have lost a sibling

Supports provided include:

  • Adventure days  for bereaved siblings
    Each outing is organised according to the age of participants (4-7 year olds, 7 – 12 year olds, 13 – 17 year olds, and 18 – 25 year olds).
  • Subsidised counselling for siblings
    Jacinta’s Smile will pay for up to six counselling sessions for our clients at a set rate of €60 per session. We will directly pay 50% of the session fee to the counsellor (€30) and the balance (€30) will be paid directly by the client to the counsellor. If the client requires additional counselling sessions, they are encouraged to get in touch with Jacinta’s Smile to discuss their needs.
  • Parent Information Sessions
    These meetings provide parents with the opportunity to hear from adult children who had lost a sibling during their childhood years. These bereaved siblings share their personal experience of being a child in a grieving family. This allows parents to become more in tune to the emotions of their own bereaved children and may help them identify ways of keeping the parent-child relationship healthy in the face of loss. These meetings are for parents whose grieving children are aged 7 – 25.
  • They also provide:
    Online events and workshops, guest speakers, building a bereavement community, ongoing support and encouragement.


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