The National Neonatal Transport Program website provides information to help parents know what to expect and how to prepare when their premature or sick infant (up to 28 days old) needs to be transferred between hospitals/NICUs for intensive/specialised care.

The NNTP transport service is intended for any infant up to the age of 28 days (corrected gestational age) who requires an increased level of care not available at the referring hospital. This care may include, but is not limited to speciality services including:

  • Neonatology, cardiology, surgery, neurology
  • or a higher level of intensive care than is available at the referring hospital.

The majority of infants are transported to Dublin hospitals but the NNTP will also transport neonates to regional neonatal/surgical intensive care units nationally or internationally as required.

The parents page provides information to help parents prepare, to know what happens during transport and to understand options that may be available during transport such as a parent travelling with their baby.


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