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Patient Advocacy Services provide independent, confidential support to help make a formal complaint against a public hospital in Ireland. This includes complaints about CHI children's hospitals, regional/general hospitals, maternity hospitals and specialist hospitals and covers inpatient, outpatient/diagnostic and emergency care.

What can Patient Advocacy Services help you with?

They can support you in making a formal complaint about inpatient, outpatient, diagnostic or emergency care received at a public hospital.

If you wish to make a formal complaint, you should first have made a Stage 1, informal complaint, before seeking support from the Patient Advocacy Service to make the formal stage 2 complaint. However you can contact them for guidance even at the beginning of your complaint journey as they can be helpful to talk through what the concern is and can provide information on who to contact within the hospital or other signposting as necessary.

Hospitals they assist with complaints about

They can assist with complaints about CHI Children’s Hospitals (Crumlin, Temple St, Tallaght and Connolly), public regional hospitals, public maternity hospitals and public specialist hospitals such as rehabilitation. A full list of hospitals that qualify for support from Patient Advocacy Services is available here  – CHI Children’s Hospitals are not on this website list but they ARE supported by this service.

Additional service:

Support after a patient safety incident
Patient Safety Incidents are any unintended or unexpected incident which could have, or did lead to harm to a person receiving healthcare.  There is a specific process that the HSE follow for this called “The Incident Management Framework”. This  is different to the complaints process.  Patient Advocacy Services can provide support to a patient or parent/carer in the aftermath of a Patient Safety Incident.


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